General Locksmithing Courses (1, 2 & 5 days) – Perfect for Beginners

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These 1 day, 2 day & 5 day locksmith courses run by the Master Locksmiths Association are aimed at beginners new to the industry, these training courses will teach you everything from how to cut keys to mortice & rim lock fitting.

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We have generated a Mechanical Locksmithing series of courses, structured into an initial 2-day Foundation Course and 3 follow-on modules, we also offer the option to take all four modules during the 5 day week, full details are below:

Foundation Module (2 days) – Beginners Course

  • Types of locks current in use & terminology
  • Cylinder Key Identification
  • Pin Tumbler Mechanisms
  • Cylinder Key Machine Set-up. Maintenance & Safety
  • Cylinder Key cutting by machine
  • Stripping rim cylinder
  • Mortice key blank identification
  • Lever mechanisms
  • Mortice Key cutting by machine
  • Mortice locks
  • Lever lock key cutting by hand
  • Safes (brief overview)
  • Lock Opening Basics (intro to picking, wafer lock and picking open disc tumbler lock)
  • Code Key cutting

Fitting Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

  • Tools for fitting
  • Fitting rim nightlatch
  • Fitting lever mortice lock
  • Upgrading lever mortice to euro cylinder operated mortice
  • Fitting secondary security devices

Basic Opening Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

  • Tools for opening
  • Methods of entry
  • Opening authority procedure
  • Theory of mortice lock picking
  • Picking 2 & 3 lever mortice locks
  • Other opening methods for 2/3 lever locks (jigglers, overlift)
  • Lock Identification (how to)
  • Theory of Mortice Lock Drilling
  • ERA 5 lever padlock opening
  • Theory and then practical of picking pin tumbler locks
  • Theory and then practical of drilling cylinder locks
  • Pick Guns
  • Other opening Techniques (bumping, snapping, slipping, letterbox tool)

UPVC Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

  • Multi Point Lock ID (various locking types/mechanisms, backsets, strike plates, profiles and packing etc.)
  • Toe & Heeling
  • Opening Jammed Mechanisms
  • Gearbox Replacement
  • Hinges & Handles
  • Security upgrades
  • Additional security


Full 5 Day Locksmith Course – Perfect for Beginners

We also offer the option to take the full 5 day course which involves all the below modules:

Foundation Module (2 days) – Beginners Course

Fitting Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

Basic Opening Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

UPVC Module (1 day) – Beginners Course

Who Should Attend?

An absolute beginner or someone with relatively limited experience within the industry

After The Course?

This course will equip you to either seek employment as a trainee locksmith or even setup your own business

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