Should I, Can I Fit My Own Door Lock?

There’s nothing to stop you fitting your own door lock BUT the question really is “should you”? After all how do you know what door lock you need? The correct type, correct size, does it meet your door lock meet insurance requirements, will it be fitted properly? Research has proved that staff at DIY superstores don’t have the required technical knowledge to provide advice required. We performed an exercise sending secret shoppers into a range of large DIY stores and were not surprised to see that in a lot of cases not even the most basic of questions were asked by the staff.

Fitting a Door Lock capable to prevent Lock Snapping

There are numerous standards that relate to locks; EN1303, BS3621, BS8621, BS10621,TS0071 & 3 star, Kitemark, PAS3621, SS312 Diamond etc. How are you expected to know what you need, and just as importantly what your insurance stipulates you need in order to be covered? Remember some Cylinder Locks are prone to a crime on the rise known as  “lock snapping” / “cylinder snapping“, a MLA Locksmith will be able to help and give advice on fitting the correct standard Euro Cylinder lock to prevent any such crime happening.

Kaba diamond-standard-cylinder-lock

Kaba diamond standard cylinder lock


Avocet ABS Cylinder Lock 

Fitting you own Door Lock yourself is not advised

Your property not only keeps the most important thing in your world, your family and loved ones, safe, but what about all your possessions? Do you really want to keep all this safe and secure with a bit of DIY? Bit of a hope and a prayer?

Incorrectly specified and / or fitted locks are pretty much useless so the best bet is to get advice from a specialist locksmith, as you do not want any security issues to arise.

Contact your local MLA licensed locksmith about fitting or changing locks now by visiting the find a locksmith section of the website.


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