Can locksmiths provide more than just locks & keys?

Absolutely – long gone are the days when all a locksmith did was fit locks and cut keys. It’s even fair to say that opening locks is no longer the main function of a locksmith. These days modern locksmiths are true security solution providers. They are excellent problem solvers, able to provide the ideal solution for you to keep your property safe and secure.

A lot of locksmiths will get involved in things such as specifying and fitting electrical access control systems, selling, installing & repairing safes, some also get involved in vehicle security which is known as auto locksmithing, with other offering CCTV and alarm services also.

Some will provide additional services such as specifying and installing security grilles and gates, security shutters or even things such as parking posts etc. If you want to buy a good quality chain and padlock, or products to secure your outbuildings then this is also an area where a professional locksmith can help.

Master keying is another area of work for specialist locksmiths, particularly useful for businesses, or even for homes of multiple occupancy (where you may for example want room keys to also open the front door), these are ways to minimise the number of keys required. Another great idea of homeowners is to key your locks alike, this means that you could have a single key that operates all your doors, and even padlocks etc.

A professional, local, MLA licensed locksmith will help keep you, your family, your home and your business safe and secure.


Steffan George

Hi there - I'm director of business development here at the Master Locksmiths Association. Feel free to add me to your circles on Google + by visiting my Steffan George profile. I'm also on Twitter @Steffan_MLA