Complaining about a locksmith – Here’s what to do

Has a locksmith overcharged you? have they done work you are unhappy with? and you feel ripped off.  If you’ve recently had work conducted by a locksmith that you’re not satisfied with and you wish to complain, here’s what to do.

Reasons For A Complaint?

The most popular complaints in the industry are usually some of the below:

  • Price Discrepancies – The locksmith quoted me a price for a job and quoted me more once the job was completed
  • Damage on the Job – The locksmith made unreasonable damage to my door ( maybe drilled the lock ); not commensurate with breaking into my property
  • No Receipt  The locksmith didn’t provide a receipt for the job, despite numerous requests


Complaining About an MLA Member:

Is the locksmith you wish to complain about a member of the MLA? If so in the rare event that one of our vetted and inspected members carries out inadequate work, you can submit a complaint to the MLA.  Of course, at this stage, you would’ve made reasonable attempts to mediate with the locksmith in question initially.

How Do I Check the Company Is a MLA Member?

To check the company you intend to complain about is a MLA member please visit our Find a Locksmith page –

If the company is indeed a MLA member please contact us or call us on 01327 262 255.

Complaining About a Non-Member:

As the MLA has no jurisdiction over non MLA member locksmiths, and with the absence of government regulation within the industry, complaints about non members can be more challenging.

However, he’s a few things that you can do.

Once you’ve made reasonable attempts to remedy the issue and the locksmith fails to comply, you can get in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for free legal advice.

My Complaint is Complex What Do I Do?

If the issue is more complex, you may need to escalate your complaint to Trading Standards.

To find your local Trading Standards office, visit here:-

To find your local CAB office, visit here:-

For general consumer advice, visit here:-

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