Digital Door Locks – What are they & when should you use them?

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We recently reached out to Jeremy Cassady at MLA Affiliate member Securikey for advice on when to fit Digital Door Locks either for your business or for your home plus also what type of door they can be fitted on.

What are digital door locks?

Digital door locks provide a low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where the allocation of keys or cards is unpractical due to the volume of people entering and exiting the building.

Because of the variety of models available, digital door locks can offer an effective access control solution for anything from heavy duty applications such as airports to low security requirements such as office stationary cupboards.

Where are electronic locks used the most?

They are typically used in public buildings such as hospitals, offices and schools, which can have a number of digital locks located throughout the building to secure different areas, or for domestic properties where numerous carers or nurses need independent access.

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Digital door locks provide perfect keyless entry

What are the benefits compared to key locks or high tech electronic security locks?

As their operation is so straightforward, especially compared to ‘high tech’ electronic access control options such as biometric fingerprint readers, there is little that can go wrong and consequently digital door locks purchased from and installed by a reputable supplier can last for many years.

  • Digital door locks are quick and easy to fit as they are completely self-contained,
  • Require no additional hardware
  • Ideally suited for small budget systems. 

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Digital Locks are very quick and easy to fit

Digital door locks can be reprogrammed at any time 

The fact that digital door locks can easily and quickly be reprogrammed means that security can be instantly reinstated if compromised or if there is a changeover in staff. In schools, for instance, digital door locks are often used to control access into areas of buildings.

  • More practical than issuing students & teachers with keys
  • Codes can be updated at the end of each school term to reinstate security
  • Can prevent entry to students and teachers who may have left.

The same applies for home security, as carers and nurses usually work shifts and if a member of staff leaves the organisation, the code can be changed instantly.

Set free entry throughout the day & code only entry out of hours

Some applications may only require security at particular times, in which case the digital door locks can be set to free passage throughout the day, and then be programmed for code-only entry outside of normal office hours to provide security for those remaining in the building.

What types of digital door locks are available?

There are a variety of digital door lock models to choose from depending on the level of security required and your local MLA licensed locksmith will be able to advise on the most suitable product for a specific application.

For example some models offer the option of a key override facility in addition to code access


  • This is perfect for domestic properties, as nurses/carers can access the property by inputting the code as normal,
  • Also family members can use their own key and don’t have to worry about changing codes.

Can be installed on Timber and Multi point UPVC Doors

Depending on the model chosen, digital door locks can be installed on a range of doors, including timber and multi-point UPVC. Leading suppliers will offer ranges to suit each level of security, from those used for low priority internal door installations through light, medium and heavy duty options.

Great long term use when fitted on external doors 

The most robust digital door locks will be capable of withstanding all but the most violent attacks and will provide many years’ reliable service, even when installed on external doors and when subjected to heavy traffic or extreme use.

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Some electronic locks have a override system

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