I’ve heard of lock snapping, what should I do to stay safe?

What is Lock Snapping?

Firstly don’t panic! Lock Snapping is a particular type of attack that is only relevant to Euro Cylinder locks (commonly found in UPVC doors and composite doors), you may also find the term called Cylinder Snapping


Lock Snapping Door Cylinder

Image Courtesy of ABS Home Security & Safety


How can I Prevent Lock Snapping / Cylinder Snapping?

There is a simple way to minimise the threat from this method and that is to get your local MLA licensed locksmith to specify and fit appropriate hardware to your doors.
SS312 Diamond approved cylinders have been tested to resist this particular type of attack, and by changing your euro profile cylinders to SS312 Diamond approved cylinders will protect your door, providing you with a anti-snap lock on your door.


Kaba diamond standard cylinder lock

Anti Snap Cylinder – Image courtesy of Kaba

Anti Snap Cylinder ABS Chrome MK3 Cylinder

Anti Snap Cylinder – Image Courtesy of ABS Home Security & Safety

An alternative standard is TS007 3star (which the Association of Chief Police Officer’s Secured By Design scheme have equated to SS312 Diamond) and any cylinders meeting this 3 Star Kitemark standard can also be used. The alternative option is to use a 1 star Kitemarked Cylinder in conjunction with 2 star Kitemarked handles.

The complexity of these standards is why you should seek specialist advice from your local vetted, inspected and qualified locksmith.


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