Can you earn £60k – £100K per year salary as a locksmith after a 3 day course?

Whilst there may be the proverbial “exception that proves the rule”, we very much doubt there are many out there who earn this sort of money after a short course.

Earn a 60K – 100K Salary after a 3 Day Course? 

  1. Ask yourself if you think it’s realistic?

    If so then why isn’t everyone doing it?

  2. What do they mean by earnings – is this turnover?

    If so then it has nothing to do with earnings! Yes some locksmiths can make a good living but it takes a lot of hard work, long hours, good business sense and a fair amount of good luck! To expect these potentially high earnings immediately after undertaking a short course is a bit foolhardy.

  3. It takes a long time to learn the trade

    Let alone establish a reputation that will help your earnings through repeat and referral business. Locksmithing needs to be thought of as a long term career rather than a get rich quick scheme.

If you wish to earn a good salary as a Locksmith it will take alot of hard work to build up that reputation.

Training to become a Locksmith

Should you eventually wish to become a locksmith, training will be essential to learn the many skills required.   Here at the Master Locksmiths Association we run locksmith courses, the courses on offer range from general locksmithing for those looking to just get into the industry to current locksmiths wishing to add more services with advanced courses such as electrical access control.

For more indepth information please our training pages or contact us asking for a training pack.

Locksmith Career Guide

For further information on becoming a Locksmith as your future career please read our Locksmith Career Guide – 10 Tips from the MLA

For more information on our courses please contact us
or call us on 0800 783 14 98

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