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Brights Locksmiths in Southend On Sea are the oldest locksmiths in Essex having been in business since 1924.  As Southend Locksmiths we offer the following locksmith and security services to domestic customers:

Southend Locksmith & Security Services:

  • – 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service
  • – Mobile Locksmith Service
  • – Restore your access if you get locked out (usually with no damage)
  • – Auto Car Locksmith Services
  • – Fit locks to insurance standards
  • – Repair locks
  • – Lock changing – moved into a new house?
  • – Supply and fit Anti Snap locks to prevent Lock Sanpping
  • – Key alike all your locks
  • – Restricted key service
  • – Cut keys to suit locks where key has been lost
  • – Make keys for historic locks from scratch
  • – Install safes to insurance standards
  • – Install alarms to insurance standards
  • – Install lighting and surveillance systems
  • – Supply locks for DIY
  • – We are used by Essex Police

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can be sure we’ll be there for you.

  • – Lost Keys/Locked out
  • – Gain Entry to your home, work premises
  • – Replace lost vehicle keys
  • – Get to your car with no damage
  • – Open safes &  or security boxes
  • – Burglary repairs
  • – Repair & Replace
  • – Broken Keys in Locks

“We aim to have our engineers on-site within a 1 hour period & supply detailed reports for your insurance Company where damaged has occurred to your property”. 

Auto Car Locksmith Services

  • – Vehicle opening if you are locked out of a Car
  • – Lost Car Keys
  • – Damaged Car Keys / Car Key Repairs
  • – Transponder Car Key Cutting
  • – Remote Car Key Programming
  • – Mobile Auto Service

Services and About Us

  1. – Southend Shop
  2. Safes
  3. – Key Cutting
  4. – Your Security
  5. – Your Home
  6. – Auto Locksmith Services
  7. – Commercial Services
  8. About Us
  9. Emergency 24/7 Locksmith Services

Southend Locksmith Shop/In-store

You don’t get much for free these days but visiting us at our leading Southend store means you can sit down, put your feet up & get some free friendly advice… Yes, you heard it right FREEadvice!  And if you’re after new or replacement locks, replacement keys or even antique or discontinued products/parts over the counter you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve got more stock, more cutting machines & more expertise in the field than anyone else that we know in Essex. With hundreds of security products off the shelf & and many more available to order, you’re spoilt for choice.  A massive range of key ‘blanks’ too (probably the largest selection in Essex & the Home Counties) means that we’re more likely to have the very key that you’re looking for, whether it’s for a door, lock, plane, commercial vehicle or car, you name it & we’ve more than likely got it!   With a key cutting service whilst you wait, you can sit down, put your feet up & we’ll do the rest.   “Our friendly trained staff will be only too happy to assist you. The Southend branch has a huge range of different locks for different purposes including: Wooden Door Locks / UPVC Door Locks / Aluminium Door Locks / Garage Door Locks / Roller Shutter Door Locks / Padlocks – Hasp & Staples / Chain & Bicycle Locks / Cabinet & Cam Locks / Safe Locks / Window Locks / Safes / Key Cabinets / Lockable Letter Boxes / Fire Boxes / Handles / Catches / Latches / Bolts / Fire Door Locks / Mechanical digital locks / DIY alarms & Spare parts for Intercom & Door Entry Systems and lots, lots more…  And the best thing is if we don’t have exactly what you want, we can order specifically for you and have it in store within an average of 24 hours; “Your Security, Your Products, Your Way. Retail Shop Hours: Monday to Saturday – 8.30am till 5.00pm

 Safes & Security Boxes/Services

With a huge range of safes and security boxes on the market the question is which one is right for you.  Getting the right safe is vital especially if you’re dealing with ‘wriggly’ insurance Companies.  It’s reassuring to know that we’re here to offer you FREE advice making sure that you’re covered by your insurance policy as some Insurers are particularly ‘fidgety’ when it comes to making a claim. As well as making sure that your safe has the appropriate cash/jewellery rating, you’ll also be happy to know that you’ll get FREE advice on all of the other aspects of selection and installation including keeping your documents, cash, bonds and or jewellery safe from fire or flood too.  With so many options available including heat-activated door seals, under floor, free standing or wall mounted safes, you’ll get the very best advice including if your floors are able to take the weight of the safe or if it has to be bolted down or just the best place to put it. “One thing’s for sure; you’re safe with Brights.


  • – Cut spare keys to most safes
  • – Open and refurbish safes with no keys
  • – Service and refurbish safes
  • – Carry a large range of replacement locks
  • – Carry a large range of new safes
  • – Supply and base fix safes
  • – Removal service for safes


Key Cutting

Whatever your needs maybe we’re sure to be able to help. With the largest supply of keys in Essex and some 2500 different types of key blanks in stock at any one time, you’re pretty sure that we’ll be able to help. We cut keys both by hand using traditional methods but also using one of our modern key cutting machines.  With An astounding SEVENTEEN machines, including computer controlled laser cutters virtually any key can be cut quickly and accurately; in fact you’ll be pushed to find a key that we don’t cut!  Some of our specialities include: 

  • – Old locks – Church keys made by hand from scratch
  • – Chubb Ava keys
  • – Safe & Security Box Keys
  • – Car, Heavy Plant & Motorcycle Keys
  • – Dimple Keys
  • – Plane, Caravans etc.
  • – Chipped Keys
  • – Tubular Keys
  • – Padlock Keys
  • – Mortice Lock Keys
  • – Yale Keys (Standard & High Security)
  • – Magnum High Security Keys
  • – Garrison Keys
  • – ABS 3 ‘STAR’ Security Keys
  • – Matching Keys to Locks
  • – Matching Locks to Keys
  • – Keyed ‘Alike’ Lock Suited Keys
  • – ‘Restricted Key’ Service
  • – Keys Cut to Code, Cloned or Copied
  • – Car Keys (Modern & Classic)
  • – Keys Programmed into Your Vehicle
  • – Braised & extended keys for longer length
  • – Cut keys from broken keys

If you’ve lost or broken your key or just need a new one, just pop in and see one of our ‘Master Locksmiths’ who’ll be more than happy to help.   With an enviable reputation of being the best local supplier for nearly all replacement keys and locks and over 90 years in the trade, you simply can’t go wrong.  And with our ‘Local Key Guarantee’ which means if your key doesn’t fit you can just bring it back and we will adjust it & if it still doesn’t fit then we will come out ‘locally’ and adjust your keys at your premises FREE OF CHARGE. “You can’t get fairer than that!

In-store ‘Locksmithing’ Services

We can make keys for all types of locks from household to commercial and vehicles too, even if you have no keys!  Our technicians also repair or refurbish old locks, make new locks fit with a ‘Master Key’ and/or individual keys, make padlocks and locks of the same make all fit the same key, remove broken keys from locks and even open locked boxes and small safes so they can be used afterwards. “There’s so much we can do for you to either ‘beef up’ your security or just save you money…  

At your home or work premises (On-site ‘Locksmithing’ Services)

If you’ve gone and lost your keys, don’t break down your door!  Why not just give us a shout and we’ll change your lock for you which is a dam site more cost effective than replacing your door!  We supply and fit locks to British Standards and insurance standards too; “98% of the time we gain ‘permitted access’ to your property without any damage We also offer our customers a FREE security survey and quotation that’ll show you how good your current security is and where you could improve it.


Supplying and installing security solutions tailored to your exact needs is what Brights Security does best.   We always recommend a FREE SITE SECURITY SURVEY before any installation and our qualified Engineers will go through all the options with you first hand, whether you want a new alarm system or for us to take over an existing one or install one of our far reaching CCTV systems or covert security installations.  For your additional security & peace of mind, you’ll find the all installations come with a complimentary (FREE) 1 year maintenance contract. Whether you’re a commercial or domestic customer you’ll be protected 365 days, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  You’ll always find a number of working CCTV systems on display in our Security Centre in Southend so you can call in & get up to date professional advice & evaluate all of your options on the spot.  And if you’re still feeling a bit ‘edgy’ it’s probably good to let you know that all Security Engineers are fully trained & vetted and are ‘CRB’ (Criminal Record Bureau) checked too. We’ll be happy to arrange a FREE SITE SURVEY & estimate to offer you the best system for your needs, whether it is for:

  • – Free standing system
  • – Internet monitoring
  • – HD/DDR systems
  • – Motion sensing
  • – Covert & Visual
  • – Digital recording
  • – I.P. & Analogue cameras
  • – Remote viewing over the web
  • – Alarms

Burglar Alarms

If you’ve done all you can to secure your home or place of business with locks, a secure safe, CCTV, Roller Shutters, Grilles & bars the burglar alarm is your final defence so make it a good one.   All of our security alarms are insurance company approved (grade 2 for domestic & grade 3 for commercial) solong asthey’re fitted by one of our qualified Engineers. We’ll even visit your home or office to carry out a free site survey to ensure your system is installed to the highest possible standards. 

Types of Alarms:

  • – Up to Grade 2 standard alarms
  • – Wired & wireless alarm systems
  • – Self-monitoring or bell only
  • – DIY systems ‘Grade 1’ (not Insurance approved)
  • – Silence alarms

Wired Burglar Alarms

Wired burglar alarms are inherently more secure than other types, but do involve a little more effort regarding fitting.  Our installers/Engineers take pride in fitting systems that not only meet all the requirements of insurance companies, but also that are neat and discrete.  All the wiring is hidden and apart from the fact that you now have an alarm box on the wall outside and some sensors on the inside, you wouldn’t even know we had been there.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

Wireless alarms are quick to install and cause less disruption than ‘wired’ but they do need to be maintained on a regular basis as the effectiveness of the system relies on all components having good battery charge which is where the annual maintenance contract comes in to make sure that your alarm keeps on protecting just as well as the day it was installed & for many years to come. One of the beauties of wireless systems is that they are easy to expand, so if you are planning an extension to your home or office, you can fit your alarm right away, then add to it when the job is done.

Portable Burglar Alarms

With our extensive range of DIY shed alarms and portable burglar alarms, you can secure garages, sheds and caravans as and when the need arises. With built in motion sensors, you can install one of these alarms in seconds and relax, knowing that if anyone enters your outbuildings you will be the first to know. For personal protection while out and about, we also stock a range of personal attack alarms.

Access Control

Controlling access to doors, buildings, lifts or other restricted areas within buildings from unauthorised personnel using either mechanical or digital applications can seem quite daunting but this is where we come in. Putting you in control of ‘who goes where’ is a lot easier than it sounds, in fact in most cases after a short training session, you’ll be up and running like a true professional in no time at all. One of the great things with Access Control is you know who’s been where and when, so if you’re a bit of a ‘Nosey Parker’ or just want to keep an eye on a particular individual, you’ll love it…

Types of Access Control

  • – Electronic keypad and proximity token systems
  • – Remote fob systems
  • – Standard & vandal resistant systems
  • – Hard wired and standalone systems
  • – Mechanical digital locks
  • – Existing system upgrades


Door Entry Systems

If you want to know who’s at the door before you open it you’ll love our door entry systems. Offering a range of video and audio options you’ll feel completely safe and totally in control with both our hard wired and wireless systems.

  • – All types/makes of phone entry systems
  • – Wired & wireless door entry systems
  • – Maintenance & Upkeep

‘Knock, knock’… Who’s there?   Not anymore with our Door Entry Systems.


Aluminium, Glass, UPVC Windows & Doors (Service & Repair)

Locked Out

If you’ve lost your keys, left them inside the building or just plain old ‘locked out’ of your own home, we aim to gain access to your property without any damage within seconds.  We can also upgrade your existing security on your current doors and windows to the appropriate insurance standards where applicable.

Broken Locks

If you’ve got a broken lock you’ll be happy to know that we carry a large range of replacement locks and gearboxes in all our vans and our shop too.  We can open jammed doors where the lock has broken and replace it as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Repair and or Replace Locks

Sometimes a repair can be just readjusting or realigning doors that have come out of line.  We also carry an extensive range of door handles, hinges and additional parts in our shops and a supplementary stock on all of our Company vans. It’ll also be reassuring to know that we can replace broken panels in doors, replace glass with panels & panels with glass. Burglary Repairs If you are unfortunate enough to have been burgled and suffered the loss of sentimental or valuable items, you’ll also have the indignity of the intrusion into your premises and the fear of reoccurrence too.  We understand how traumatic this can be and offer a ‘hassle free’ quick repair service where we will rectify the problems, repair any damage and ensure that your property is as secure as it can be to make sure that they don’t come calling again. “Remember Security doesn’t need to cost you a lot…BUT IT CAN SAVE YOU A FORTUNE”!

Auto Locksmith Services

Back up keys

If you’ve only got one car/vehicle key & you’re after a backup, no problem!  We can duplicate your key & program them into your vehicle too & 99% of the time, we’re a dam sight cheaper than the main dealerships. Car keys – Classic & New – Cut to code – Copied – Cloned & Programmed into the car with diagnostics and if you are locked out, we can also gain access to your vehicle if you have a total loss of keys.

Total loss of keys

What if you’ve completely lost your keys?  Don’t worry, we can gain access to any vehicle, cut the keys and program them to fit your vehicle. Broken keys What if you’ve broken your key?  If it’s stuck in the lock, NO PROBLEM.  If you got both pieces, NO PROBLEM.   Brights can cut you a new key from both pieces & transfer the transponder (chip) if needed to the new key. If you have broken your key in the lock, we can remove the broken piece 90% of the time and cut you a new key.

Worn out locks

We can even make new locks fit your old keys then fit the new lock to your vehicle, supply & programme remote keys to your vehicle too.

What if my cars a Classic vehicle?

No problem, we’ve got hundreds of classic car key ‘blanks’ in stock but can also cut keys to a number for old classic and new cars. Too good to be true?  No, just great customer service


Door Access Control

When it comes to your security we tackle the problem from both angles; firstly controlling who comes and goes and secondly, installing the best type of electric lock needed for optimum security. Less experienced ‘security companies’ will use cheap electric parts including low grade strikes or magnets, and although these products may suffice in the short term, they may not necessarily be totally fit for purpose. There are a wide range of electric locks on the market which can give you much greater security which is where we come in by giving you the very best advice for your security needs. System Types

  • – Supply and install electronic keypad and proximity token systems
  • – Remote fob systems
  • – Standard & vandal resistant systems
  • – Fit new systems to work with existing door entry panels
  • – Hard wired and Standalone systems
  • – Supply and install mechanical digital locks
  • – Carry a wide range of mechanical digital locks in our shop
  • – Repair and maintain existing systems, keeping stock of parts at our shop to maintain systems installed by us


Aluminium & uPVC Glass Door Repairs

When it comes to aluminium doors you would possibly think that it’s not a locksmith’s job to repair them. Well think again!  We repair and replace locks, adjust doors and keep a vast range of stock and also offer all the other services of Door Access Control & Intercom Systems and also keep stock of all the parts needed to repair the most common faults found and have great knowledge of them. Aluminium & uPVC stock parts kept in store:

  • – Top and bottom pivots
  • – Locks & cylinders, for commercial glass and aluminium doors
  • – Electric strikes for aluminium doors
  • – Door Closers for commercial glass and aluminium doors

Automatic Door Openers

We supply and install Automatic door openers to communal doors in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) allowing the elderly and disabled ease of use in and out of your building.  The openers work in a two tier way: for able people the door will open and close in the standard way, but for the less able it allows a longer ‘opening time’ allowing users  to pass through before the door starts to close.  Our door openers work with existing Door Entry Systems & Access Control Systems and can even work with existing keys that are being used or remote fobs too.

Door Closers (Hydraulic & Automatic)

Supplying & installing overhead & under floor door closers is another speciality of Brights.   Over the years of installing Door Closures we’ve come across a lot of the door closers that haven’t been fitted or adjusted correctly and find that a lot of the time that the door closer has broken the lock due to poor installation. With so many types of ‘closers’ on the market ranging from light internal door types for low usage, through to heavy duty types used on shop fronts and communal doors, its vitally important that the right type is used.   We do find in a lot of circumstances that the wrong type has been used and mostly with light door closers in a heavy use area which can break very quickly & lead to oil spills causing further Health & Safety issues namely:

  • – Slip hazards from the oil
  • – Faulty hydraulics
  • – Door slamming
  • – Trapped fingers (Ouch)!

Issues such as the above occur mainly due to poor product knowledge & the wrong type of door closer being fitted which can be a BIG problem indeed!  It’s extremely IMPORTANT to remember that door closers are fitted for two main reasons:

  1. 1. Security reasons
  2. 2. Fire Regulations

And it doesn’t end with fitting NEW door closures either; we also:

  • – Adjust existing door closers making sure that they close correctly
  • – Refit badly fitted door closers
  • – Replace broken door closers

“Always use the right door closer & use an expert too… REMEMBER; correctly fitted door closers can save lives & stop the spread of fire.  They’re not there to annoy people & mustn’t be propped open for convenience

Fire Exit Hardware

With the law forever changing on Fire Exit hardware, it’s comforting to know that Brights always keeps up to date with current regulations & hold the respective stock so that always have the right type panic hardware that you need. When lives are at stake, there’s no doubt that you need your fire exit hardware working correctly.  Making sure that you use a Specialist Company like Brights means that they can repair or replace what is needed, making sure that the equipment will work correctly if needed. Your designated Fire Marshall/s should regularly check your equipment to make sure that it is in good repair and that there are no loose parts to jam it up in an emergency.  If any potential problems are identified then we can put them right. Remember, if your fire exit hardware is fitted incorrectly or is badly repaired or indeed is the wrong application/hardware, you could be liable for up to a £5,000 fine or worse; imprisonment for corporate manslaughter in a result of death.

About us

With over 90 years in business & an enviable reputation for quality, ‘Brights’ are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring that we’ll always be there when you need us most.  You can relax & feel confident knowing that all of Bright’s Engineers are experts within their field & are fully conversant with current regulations in both the domestic & commercial sectors. Putting the customer first, listening to what they’ve got to say & giving them correct, expert advice even if it is not what they want to hear, has always been our philosophy.  ‘Without our customers we are nothing’ Steve Wakefield – Managing Director Our History The Bright’s Group of Companies has a heritage dating back to 1924. That’s over 9 decades in business which means you can be sure that you’ll get the very best when it comes to great quality products & & support. The Group

  • – Bright’s Locksmiths Ltd
  • – Bright’s Security Ltd (Alarms & CCTV)
  • – Bright’s SecurityTUBE
  • – Bright’s 24HR Plumbing (Ltd) & Maintenance Services
  • – UltiMATE Tools Ltd

‘A family run business with family values & a guarantee to customer care, we simply couldn’t have done it without customers like you’.  Steve Wakefield – Managing Director’

Domestic & Commercial 24/7

Providing both the Public & Private Sectors, servicing, repair & maintenance to new or existing locks & security installations, including:

  • – General ‘Locksmithing’ Services
  • – Security Alarm Systems & CCTV           
  • – Aluminium & uPVC Door Repairs
  • – Safes & Security Boxes (Installing & gaining entry)
  • – Vehicle Entry, Key/Fob Programming
  • – Door Closures, Electric Openers                 
  • – Video/Audio Door Entry Systems               
  • – Mechanical & Electrical Access Control           
  • – Plumbing & General Maintenance

Whether you’re after technical advice & information or info on our annual servicing contracts or an Emergency call out, you can count on Bright’s.  ‘To go the extra mile, all our works are covered by a 1 year warranty under normal wear & tear on parts & labour guaranteeing peace of mind’.

Need an Emergency Locksmith 24/7?

Whether you need an emergency Locksmith or you’re planning to change your locks or upgrade your security, you can call us for a prompt & efficient service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. From homeowners, new-build housing developers, student accommodation and residential care home providers & housing associations, every job starts with us listening to you ensuring you benefit from decades of technical expertise.   No matter whether we’re responding to a standard call out or an ‘out of hours’ Emergency call, we’ll send out one of our fully experienced qualified Locksmiths to you within in a 1 hour ‘appointment window’ wherever possible and we’ll contact you if they’re running late. Peace of Mind All works comes with the ‘Bright’s Guarantee’.  In the unlikely event that the work we do becomes defective within a 1 year period under normal wear & tear, we’ll put it right FREE OF CHARGE. You’ll also be pleased to know that our engineers operate a half-hourly charging system which means you don’t need to worry about paying over the odds either. ‘A local service for local people from a Company that you know you can trust’  

12 Bright Ideas to Make Your Home More Secure

  1. Make sure your locks are up to a good standard – and use them!
  2. Don’t leave your keys in the locks and make sure you keep them at least 6ft from windows and doors
  3. Every House should have a safe & a good one at that.  Safeguard all your documents and valuables
  4. If you can get back into your house without a key, so can a thief.  You have a security problem and it needs fixing!
  5. Always change all locks if you’ve just moved house
  6. Secure your ‘out buildings’, sheds & garages.  Don’t make it easy for burglars by giving them access to your tools and or ladders
  7. Alarms are great but make sure they are serviced on a regular basis and don’t get complacent, make sure your house is secure too.
  8. Fit security lights and cameras.  Install them properly and strategically but be mindful of your neighbours; you want them on your side.
  9. Mark and photograph all your valuables.  If you lose them, you want them back.
  10. If you’re an animal lover, get a dog.  Dogs LOVE you and HATE strangers trying to get into the home uninvited.
  11. Have your property surveyed by a qualified locksmith.  Make sure they’re MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) approved
  12. Do it NOW!  A burglar isn’t going to wait for you.  You have the security of your home in your hands.

A qualified locksmith from Brights will visit your home at a time convenient to you (evenings too)!  They will be able to tell you where the security weak points are and what new security measures, if any, you need to take to bring your security up to insurance Company standards.  

Some of our Commercial Business partners:

  • – Southend Borough Council
  • – Rochford Borough Council
  • – Castle Point Borough Council
  • – Essex POLICE


Memberships and Associations

  • – MLA
  • – ALA
  • – CHAS
  • – Constructionline
  • – Buy with Confidence
  • – Trading Standards Approved
  • – Safecontractor.


  • CHAS
  • Constructionline
  • Buy With Confidence

Areas Covered

Braintree, Southend, Basildon, Hutton, Chelmsford, Heybridge, Maldon, Rayleigh, Grays, Stock, Crays Hill, Bulphan, Tiptree, Witham, Silver End, Galleywood, Kelvedon, Benfleet, Hadleigh, Leigh, Rochford, Eastwood, Wickford, Wakering, Hockley, Rawreth, Hullbridge, Shoeburyness, Shoebury, Thorpe Bay, Wescliff, Westcliff-on-Sea, Canvey, Canvey Island, South Benflet, Pitsea, Langdon Hills, Laindon, Hawkwell, Barling, Foulness, Foulness Island, Great Wakering, Little Wakering, Stambridge, Chalkwell, Ashingdon, Battlesbridge, South Woddham Ferrers, Canewdon, Barling Magna, Essex, Leigh-on-Sea, Two Tree Island, Castlepoint, Rettendon, Shotgate, Mountnessing, Ingatestone, Horndon, West Horndon, Fobbing


Brights Locksmiths – Southend On Sea Locksmiths is an MLA Approved Company
  • 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith
  • Access Control
  • Auto Locksmith Services
  • Locksmith
  • Retail Locksmith Shop
  • Safe Services

Opening Hours

  • Monday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Tuesday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Wednesday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Thursday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Friday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Saturday: 08.30 - 17.00
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Exceptions: An emergency 24hr service is also available (Tel: 07977 346274 or 07866 346274)

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