How locksmiths can use mobile invoicing to save hours and get paid quicker

For most locksmiths, their day job is done out on the road and at customer premises – a usual day would consist of travelling to and from jobs, improving security for customers, and saving the day in an emergency.

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Complete your paperwork in minutes

That’s a lot of work to fit into a working day, so coming home to a mountain of paperwork at the end of it can be a real pain and add work – and hours – to the end of a busy day.

That’s time that can be better spent with friends, family or relaxing.

So, how does a locksmith stay on top of his paperwork and stop spending hours tackling a mountain of paperwork?

Completing paperwork on the road saves locksmiths hours

Modern technology makes it easy for locksmiths to complete the paperwork they need whilst on the road, rather than waiting to get back home or to the office to get it done.

Using apps on smartphones or tablets can mean quotes, invoices and receipts are created and done whilst on site or on the road. That means no more hours at the end of the day tackling paperwork – it’s all done as you go – and no more missed opportunities – all your work and payments are logged and tracked.

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Complete invoicing on the road with the smartphone app

By using online apps to create and manage paperwork, a locksmith has the benefit of accessing paperwork wherever they are. Paperwork, notes and contact details are stored online, meaning no more hunting around for scraps of paper or forgetting to send something; paperwork is available wherever you are – on the road, on site, or at home.

Spending a few minutes after a job – or after receiving an enquiry – logging the work and producing the paperwork you need, adds up to mean that you don’t have to spend hours at the end of your working day playing catch-up.

Having a simple system or app in place to create quotes and invoices whilst on the go also means that you get the paperwork your business needs to your customers more quickly.

Quicker invoicing = getting paid quicker

The ability to send customers their invoice or receipt for work as soon as it’s created can also lead to getting paid faster.

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Create and Send invoicing as soon as job is completed

Using an online app, an invoice can be created – and emailed – to your customer within minutes of finishing the job, and just as importantly, the locksmith has a record of what work has been done and what payments he is owed.

Stay organised and keep customers happy

Time savings can also be found by staying organised. Using an online app to help with job scheduling and customer management means your business can run more efficiently without the headache of keeping manual records and trying to remember important details.

A more organised and efficient business has happier customers, and generally a happier accountant, too!

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Set up reminders to yourself

Using the correct online app for the job can make all the difference for locksmiths completing paperwork on the go.

Ready to try an online app for running a smarter business?

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