Master Locksmiths Association 2016 Handbook PDF Download

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The 2016 Master Locksmiths Association Handbook with a directory of MLA Approved Locksmiths is now available to view online or download in PDF format.   We recommend downloading the PDF to your phone/computer as you never know when you might need a locksmith or some urgent security advice.

Download the 2016 MLA Handbook

Free PDF Download of the 2016 Handbook / Catalogue is available below:

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Require a large number of MLA Print Handbooks?

If you’re a police force/insurer/consumer organisation and you would like a number of hard copies of our handbook to distribute please contact us

Whats in the 2016 MLA Handbook?

  • Introduction from Mike Jay  ( RISCAuthority )
  • MLA Overview
  • MLA Board of Directors
  • Overview from the Director of Business Development Dr Steffan George
  • MLA Member benefits
  • MLA Training
  • Use of Abrasive Wheels in the Workplace by John Harding
  • MLA’s Involvement With The Insurance Industry Continues At Pace
  • MLA Expo 2015 Review
  • MLA Modular Coaching/BLI Exam Continues to Prove it’s worth
  • Security related standards overview
  • MLA 2015 PR Review
  • MLA’s Online Presence Goes Into Overdrive
  • Chubb Award and Nigel Rose Bowl 2015
  • MLA Guidelines for minimum security for domestic property
  • MLA Code of Practice
  • Directory Section
  • MLA Approved companies – Alphabetical Order
  • MLA Approved companies – Postcode Order
  • Regional Directory of MLA Approved companies
  • MLA Affiliate Companies

Steffan George

Hi there - I'm director of business development here at the Master Locksmiths Association. Feel free to add me to your circles on Google + by visiting my Steffan George profile. I'm also on Twitter @Steffan_MLA
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