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Company name: Gunnebo UK Ltd
Business:  With years of experience delivering security solutions, Gunnebo has unrivalled expertise in secure storage, entrance control, bank security, cash handling and services. Our product range includes Chubbsafes – the premier cash and fire protection brand.
Contact Name: Jo Broome
Telephone: 01902 271384

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Products Exhibiting at Expo:

Chubbsafes Elements range of products, Air, Water, Earth and Fire

Air 15 Electronic Closed Safe     Water 2 Key Closed SafeEarth 40 Electronic Closed SafeFire Open Safe


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New Chubbsafes products:

  • Epsilon – Key Safes
  • AlphaPlus – £3000 cash rated safe
  • Sigma Deposit – £1000 cash rated deposit safe
  • Omega Deposit – £3000 cash rated deposit safe
  • Zeta – £6000 cash rated safe

Zelta 15K Open SafeSigma DEP 2EL Open SafeAlphaPlus 2EL Open Safe

Omega DEP 1EH Open SafeEpsilon 2 KL Open Safe

Steffan George

Hi there - I'm director of business development here at the Master Locksmiths Association. Feel free to add me to your circles on Google + by visiting my Steffan George profile. I'm also on Twitter @Steffan_MLA
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