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Company name: payleven
Business: Mobile Payments
Contact Name: Ieva
Telephone: 020 7112 82 11

Products Exhibiting at Expo:

Payleven, a young British payments company has recently come out with the world’s first mobile Chip & PIN device. The intelligent technology works through a small, pocket-sized Chip & PIN reader which connects via Bluetooth to an App on either your Apple or Android Smartphone /Tablet. This converts your Phone or Tablet into a fully mobile debit & credit card Chip & PIN solution, with the same stringent security standards as a traditional card terminal, but at a fraction of the cost. It is truly mobile and will let you take payments anywhere with a mobile data connection (3G/ EDGE or Wi-Fi), easily download your transactions off the web to do your accounts, and quickly send email receipts to the customer.

Payleven Chip and Pin Device


Steffan George

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