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Company name:  Borg Locks
Business:  Manufacturer of digital locks
Contact Name: John Hyslop
Telephone: 01708 225 700

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Products Exhibiting at Expo:

2000 series keypad + the slam latch

These are sold as the BL2000 KVSL Slam latch.   The Borg BL2000KVSL Slam latch will fit locker / cabinet doors from 3 – 28mm thick. It comes with our BL2000 series keypad.


BL3100 Gate lock

BL3100 K.O is part of our metal gate lock range. The K.O stands for key override, handy for those times you want someone to have access but don’t want to give them a key. Or the other times when you happen to forget your code. This is also available as a BL3130 K.O which comes with akeypad each side.


The Borg Mk2 Ali Latch

The Aluminium latch has been designed by us at Borg for narrow style aluminium doors and has a 28mm backset. suitable for use with either single or pairs of doors and compatible with electric strike systems. The ali latch is compatible with a wide range of our BL2000 series locks.

image of Borg Locks MK2 Ali Latch


The BL200 is. The BL200 is designed to fit doors of 2 – 22.5mm thick.image of Borg BL200 Cabinet Lock


The Borg BL2401 is the perfect upgrade from our standard BL2000 digital lock to a medium duty digital lock and comes with a free turning handle. The BL2401 is part of our easicode series, using the code change key provided means you can change the code in seconds with a simple push and twist of the buttons on the back of the keypad. The BL2401 is available with holdback or non holdback.

Image of Borg Locks BL2401 Series


Borgs BL5400 series of locks come with a flat bar return to door handle. These locks are designed to be for medium – heavy duty use these are ideal for the work place when multiple people may be using the same door throughout the day.

Image of Borg Locks BL5400 series keypad

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