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Company name: Sclak
Business: Smart Locks
Contact Name: Max Del Vita
Telephone: 07447257252

Sclak is an innovative smart lock available in UK that allows people to control the access to their premises in a smarter and safer way.

Sclak is installed in parallel and doesn’t require the substitution of the lock itself. It’s compatible with 100% of electrical lock in the world.

With Sclak users can control the access via mobile phone and can invite other people by sending digital keys that are uniquely connected to that person only.
The owner of the lock can define who and when people can access giving full control without having to manage the keys.

Sclak represents a step in the future and a definitive solution for key management. It has proven to be efficient in many different cases, in fact it has been already installed in private homes, parking lots, offices, main building and even banks.

Come to our stand and you will be able to see a demo of our Smart Lock and also a preview of next year’s models for the UK market.

Products Exhibiting at Expo:

  • Sclak Smart Lock

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