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Auto Locksmiths Association

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Company name: Auto Locksmiths Association
Business: A not for profit association for professional Auto Locksmiths

A bit about us

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The Auto Locksmiths Association is a non profit organisation, run by auto locksmiths for auto locksmiths, consisting of an ever increasing group of professional Auto Locksmiths from all across the UK, Ireland, Main land Europe, Iceland and the USA. The ALA has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The membership are all individuals representing themselves and their companies, there is no corporate membership.

The Forum

ALA members have exclusive access to the ALA forum where information has been collected from members for over 10 years, and where members share information of everything Auto Locksmithing. We also have our main website, with members advertising and a locksmith finder, enabling a customer to input their post code and find their nearest ALA registered Auto Locksmith.


The Association has two meetings a year, currently held in the Nottingham area, where members and invited visitors come from all over to both learn and share their knowledge with others. We have in-depth classes, run by volunteers from within the association, and sometimes auto experts from outside the UK.  At these meetings members
often exchange information, work, or buy and sell simply by chatting with each other at the ALA social events. And we also have a selection of invited suppliers over the weekend who often have special deals for ALA members, so its much like a mini auto convention twice a year.

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Steffan George

Hi there - I'm director of business development here at the Master Locksmiths Association. Feel free to add me to your circles on Google + by visiting my Steffan George profile. I'm also on Twitter @Steffan_MLA
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