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MLA Membership Categories and Logos to look out for

There are 2 main categories of membership of the MLA where you’ll see the logo being used.

MLA Approved Companies

MLA Approved Company LogoThese are locksmith companies who have met the stringent “Vetted, Inspected and Qualified” criteria of the MLA and are the locksmiths that can be found on our find a locksmith page.   By having met this criteria it helps the end user rest assured that they are using a bonafide locksmith, who have met some minimum standards. With the lack of government backed regulation within the locksmithing industry we think it’s vital that the public are protected and hence we recommend the use of MLA Approved Companies whenever somebody needs a locksmith.

MLA Affiliate Members

MLA Affiliate Member LogoThese are companies who supply the locksmith industry. They may for example be manufacturers or distributors of security products, wholesalers to the locksmith industry or even insurance companies. Some may even have the MLA Affiliate logo on their products or the packaging of their products to highlight their affiliation with the MLA. MLA Approved Company Locksmiths will often purchase their products from MLA Affiliate members.

Report Misuse of the MLA Logo/Membership Claim

If you believe a company is misusing the MLA Logo and/or claims to a MLA Member please see our Report Misuse of the MLA Logo/Membership page

Other Logos To Look Out For 

In terms of other logos that you may want to watch out for then there are the following

 Sold Secure

Sold Secure - the approval for security devices Sold Secure is one of the leading suppliers of test and certification services for security related products. Working with companies world-wide we assess products to see whether strict performance criteria are met and where applicable allow the use of the coveted Sold Secure approved logo. There are numerous different standards that relate to different types of product and it is important that the relevant approval is sought. There are also different levels of approval (from Bronze, up through Silver and Gold and the top level of Diamond that is available only in certain product areas). These standards determine the amount of time the test lasts for and the types of tools that can be used.


The British Standard kitemark is another approval that you may want to look out for on certain security products. Run by the British Standards Institute it’s a stamp of approval to demostrate that certain standards have met. For example the most common BS standard for mortice locks is BS3621 – in fact many insurance companies stipulate you need a BS3621 lock to comply and the easiest way to check is to get your local MLA licensed locksmith to confirm the locks are indeed Kitemarked to BS3621, and if not to upgrade them.

A number of locksmiths also do alarm work, and in the same way that the MLA runs its accreditation scheme for locksmiths, there are 2 main companies that do the same for Alarm work.


The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) operates a 2 tier approach to approvals. This allows companies to grow and develop their business whilst consistently developing the NSI reassurance to their customers.  Companies can enter at either level.

is designed for ‘Product Certification’ Refers to the ‘Product Certification’ against sector specific standards, e.g. BS7858, BS8243.

Gold builds on product Certification to encorporate Quality Management System Certification. The combination of the Quality Management Systems and the relevant sector specific product or service represents the Gold standard of certification.  This level holds the greatest perceived value across industry and by the police, fire and rescue services and insurers.


 The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) offers a wide range of product certification schemes within the electronic security; monitoring; guarding services and fire sectors.

All SSAIB schemes demonstrate compliance with relevant British or European standards, SSAIB codes of practice or associated criteria. Many of SSAIB’s schemes are independently assessed and monitored by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Accreditation by UKAS demonstrates that SSAIB operates its certification activities in an impartial, competent and independent way.

The Electronic Security Systems Certification scheme is suitable for organisations designing, installing and maintaining security systems, i.e. intruder alarm systems, detector operated CCTV systems, conventional CCTV systems and/or access control systems

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