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Future home Security banner Future Home Security is this weeks topic for National Home Security Month, which follows on from last weeks advice which focused on security outside the home.  This week we will look at the future of home security such as digital door viewers ( seeing who is knocking on your door ), digital door locks, remote cctv alarm systems and finally some tips on social media awareness.

1. Digital Door Viewer

Sees who’s at your Door before you open it with a digital door viewer.

The advantages of a digital door viewer and common features on most viewers are:

  • Easy to fit and install in a new place or existing door
  • Easy to remove if you move
  • Motion sensor
  • LCD display
  • HD video and image recorders

Take it further with video/audio intercoms

Ideal for apartments and flats where you can find out who’s at the front door and remotely allow them access. May be of use to the elderly who can converse with visitors without having to leave the comfort of their living room for example

digital door viewer image

See who’s at the door with a digital door viewer

 2. Digital Door Locks

Keyless door locks are most commonly used in offices, schools, restricted areas and also the home whereby a code or card is required to gain entry, this means no use for keys.

Advantages of using a Digital Door Lock?

  • No use for keys and having to deal with lost keys – simple keyless entry.
  • Fast access – some use remote controls, so you can quickly access the property when if its raining
  • Can be used with existing door lock fittings
  • Internal and external use
  • Ideal for use in the home, offices, flats & apartments, schools/colleges/universities & restricted areas

There are 2 main types of digital lock:-

Electronic – required power (either mains or battery)
Mechanical – no power required, mechanically operated push button locks (recent British Standard BS8607 generated to test these sorts of locks)

What type off Electronic digital locks are there?

  • Electronic keypad – just a enter a code to gain access
  • Biometric – e.g. Fingerprint recognition
  • Smart Cards – mostly used in hotels and office building

What type of doors can a digital lock be fitted on?

  • UPVC Doors
  • Timber and Wood Doors
  • Aluminum and Glass Doors

I want a digital lock lock what should I do next?

We recommend you speak with your local MLA approved locksmith, many are experts in supply, fitting, repairing and servicing digital locks.  

Image of Yale Digital Door Lock

A digital keypad door lock

image of electronic card reader

Entry using a electronic card reader system

 3. Remotely Accessible CCTV Systems

Advantages of a Remote CCTV System

  • A remote CCTV system is an effective way to keep a watchful eye on your property while you’re not there.
  • A lot of them can be remotely viewed either via Internet access or by smartphone.
  • Some alarms can notify you when the alarm is activated, allowing you check whats going on in your home.


Don’t confront intruders if you notice them

The only thing worth highlighting is that you shouldn’t confront any intruders you see via your remotely accessible security and should simply notify the police. (However for guaranteed police response you will require a professionally installed and monitored alarm system)

CCTV System

Home CCTV System

 4. Social Media – Going Away Don’t Advertise It! 

Going on holiday? Leaving a empty house? Don’t advertise it on social media

When leaving your home for a winter break or visiting relatives don’t advertise your empty house on social media.

Xmas/Birthday Gifts – Don’t showcase your belongings to potential burglars on social media

You don’t want to showcase your new belongings to potential burglars.   Remember the most common stolen items in a household burglary are usually 1) Laptops and Cameras 2) Jewellery and 3) Mobile phones/Mp3 players.

social media security image

Be careful what you say on social media

For expert advice on future proofing your home security contact your local MLA locksmith who will be able to advise accordingly.

Download our minimum security guidelines & standards for the home

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