What is National Home Security Month?

We will be covering National Home Security Month which takes place starting in October, providing tips and advice on how to protect your home from burglaries with improved security.

Don’t Forget The Clocks Go Back on 26th October this year and statistics show a 20% increase in home burglaries happening during the darker months of the year.

20% Increase in Home Burglaries during darker months created with this increase in home burglaries in mind National Home Security Month (NHSM) is aimed at raising awareness of how important home security is and how to use a professional vetted e.g CRB checked, inspected and qualified locksmith to help secure your home. National Home Security Month run for the whole month of October.




What is Covered Each Week?

Each week different security issues around the home is covered, below is a rundown on what is covered each week.

WEEK Commencing 6th October
Securing Doors & WindowsNOW LIVE

Securing Doors and Windows image
This week is focused on door and window security.

  1. Noise is critical to burglars – feedback from recent interviews with burglars highlights noise as a critical factor to burglars being caught.  Therefore burglars will want to minimise the amount of noise they make. Its for reasons like this that various cylinder manipulation techniques are often used.  For example cylinder snapping – see how a MLA locksmith can help you prevent lock snapping
  2. Window lock security – most insurance policies will require key operated window locks on ground floor and other accessible windows.  Do you have this on your home? A MLA locksmith can help.

WEEK Commencing 13th October
Protecting Your ValuablesNOW LIVE

Protecting Valuables image
Here attention is focused on the protection on valuables left inside the home.

  1. How to keep your valuables secure – Brits spend on average £822 on Christmas presents each year.   A MLA locksmith will advise on how you can keep these and other items such as jewellery, laptops, important documentation etc.. secure.

WEEK Commencing 20th October
Outdoor SecurityNOW LIVE

Outdoor Security image
As days get shorter with you leaving your home and returning in darkness – here we’ll shine a light on how MLA locksmiths can help you feel more secure. For example how you can keep your garden tools from being used by a thief to gain entry to your house.

WEEK Commencing 27th October
Future Home SecurityNOW LIVE

Futurehome Security image
This last week looks forward to future developments in the world of home security such as how security can be integrated with the internet of things through connected alarms, CCTV etc…

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