Are Locksmiths Police Vetted? No such thing!

Locksmiths – Police Vetted, Police Checked or Police Registered?

A number of locksmiths will claim to be Police Vetted, Police Checked or Police Registered – but what does this actually mean? Not much as it turns out.

The MLA has close ties with the police and also the ministry of justice and criminal records bureau (as it was known prior to the change to the Disclosure and Barring Service). During the work the association undertook to change the law on the vetting of locksmiths we were informed that there is no such thing as Police Vetted, and our dealings with various police forces and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) lead us to believe that it’s the norm for police forces not to “register” locksmiths.

So with the lack of any government regulation of the locksmith industry it’s even more important to make sure the locksmith you choose is somebody who’s been vetted, is regularly inspected and has a proof of competency.

Steffan George

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