Security Advice from ACPO Secured by Design

The MLA work very closely with the Secured by Design, and our members are recommended in their security tips and advice.

Secured by Design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is an initiative aimed at crime prevention through the use of high quality products and processes at the design and build or retrofit stage of developments.

More details on ACPO SBD can be found at the Secured By Design Website
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ACPO Secured by Design have provided some useful guidelines for the public to consider for their security at home. This guide can be found at view the Secured By Design Security Checklist

What does ACPO Security Guide Cover?

The guide covers security for Doors, windows and locks (e.g. what to look for when replacing a door or window or the furniture on these products),

  • Ideas for Security Around the front and back of your home (i.e. how to make gaining access to the rear of your property difficult, suggestions on security lighting and security for outbuildings etc.)
  • General Security advice such as always looking your doors and windows, never leaving keys in locks or within easy reach of the door and keep any tools that could be used for gaining entry securely stored.
  • Advice for the security in properties with shared entrances (e.g. using care when allowing entry via entry phone systems) as well as suggestions for security inside your home (such as marking property)
  • Advice on doorstep callers (always check ID, don’t let strangers into your property, never discuss security arrangements with strangers on the doorstep)
  • Advice on how to make it look like you are at home? (e.g. not closing curtains during the day, using lights on timers, cancelling deliveries when away on holiday) as well as the suggestion of considering joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

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