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What to do when locked out of your car / van / truck

You could be locked out of your vehicle ( car/truck/van ) and need your car unlocking for a number of reasons, the most common being you have locked your keys in the car, have lost your car keys or have damaged or broken your keys.  A MLA approved auto locksmith should be your first port of call, who will be able to help you gain access to your vehicle.

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Reasons for being locked out of your car / van / truck

  • key locked inside the car ( most commonly locked inside a car boot )
  • lost your vehicle keys – read our lost car keys page
  • damaged or broken your keys
  • damaged transponder chip in your car key and need replacement car keys and possibly the car keys reprogramming
  • car door latch stuck and won’t open
  • broken car door lock

Help I’ve locked the keys in the car / van / truck

A auto locksmith should be able to gain entry and unlock your vehicle in a non destructive manner in order to retrieve your keys.

Locked out of my car without a spare key

A new key will be required so contact your local auto locksmith and can cut a new key for you.

I have my vehicle keys and they do not work

If your car keys are not working correctly then a auto locksmith will be able to diagnose the problem,  It may be a simple case of replacing the batteries or something more serious which will require new keys to be provided.

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