Locked out of House, Changing Locks or Lost keys

If you have locked yourself out of your house / flat or apartment, lost your house keys, require your door locks changing, need a key cutting, need a 24 hour emergency locksmith or need help with home security, a MLA approved locksmith should be your first port of call – all MLA approved companies are CRB checked, vetted and fully qualified.

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  • Need a lock picking?

What To Do If Locked Out Of Your House/Flat?

Go round and check carefully to see if you can get yourself back in, in any way If not you will need a Locksmiths help immediately please use our find a locksmith search tool to find a licensed MLA Locksmith local to you

  • To try and avoid getting locked out try and get into a routine of not closing the door or going out before checking you have your KEYS on you.
  • It is a lot of the time elderly people who get locked out or mums with kids because they forget or a child just shuts the door.
  • Lots of people do it and some locksmiths have regulars who lock themselves

If you are locked out at a untimely hour in the early hours of the morning then a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service will be needed.  Many MLA Locksmiths offer this service especially for lock outs, to find a one local to you again please us the find a locksmith tool.

Lost House Keys, Misplaced Keys & still Locked out of the House ?

If you have lost your keys or are locked out of the house you will need a Locksmiths help immediately please use our find a locksmith search tool where you can find a licensed MLA Locksmith local to you

  • Losing keys is an inconvenience for you and your family, especially if you have lost keys late at night, this is where a 24 hour  emergency locksmith will your first choice.
  • If you have lost your keys to your house be it for the front door or windows,  even just locked yourself out of your house a MLA licensed lock smith can help you at the most inconvenient of times in the most convenient manner.
  • Accessing property after losing or misplacing the original keys doesn’t mean accessing by smashing glass or damaging expensive doors to your home.
  • Master Locksmiths are trained to access properties painlessly and effortlessly.
  • If you are locked out or lost the keys to a restricted or suited lock a MLA locksmith or the MLA will be able to point you in the right direction.

How to prevent being locked out

There are things that can be fitted to prevent this happening

  • Roller rim locks can be fitted they need a key to be turned in the cylinder to lock them from the outside.
  • Door restrictors can stop the door from shutting behind you
  • People seem to forget about checking/oiling their locks and doors checking for worn keys badly cut keys (we all see them) and not sorting out a problem until it is too late prevention is better than cure.
  • When a door starts to stick a key won’t turn in the cylinder properly check it out don’t let it get worse.

If you do get locked out an MLA qualified Locksmith should be able to get you back in without damage (unless the lock has broken) with as little inconvenience as can be done

Key Cutting or need Spare set Of Keys

  • Need keys cutting for any particular reason? then a MLA locksmith will be able to help.
  • You may need a key cutting for your car / front door / a safe / cabinet / mortice lock / window etc… all MLA approved companies offer a variety of services, with some offering vehicle / car key cutting

Again please visit the find a locksmith page to find your nearest MLA licensed locksmith.

Need a Lock Picking?

Need to gain access to a property or premises?

A MLA Approved Locksmith will be able to pick a lock securely without damaging the lock.

How does a locksmith again access to my property?

You will most likely need a lock picking if you have locked out yourself out of your home or lost your keys. Most locksmith use a non destructive way of opening to enter your property.

If you need a locksmiths help you gain access by picking a lock please to vist the Find a Locksmith page to locate your nearest locksmith

UPVC Door and Window Locks

If you need your UPVC Door or Window Locks repairing for your house / business or any property a MLA Locksmith should be your first port of call.  This is a specialist advanced area of locksmithing which only a qualified locksmith should be doing.

Locked Out of a UPVC Door?

  • UPVC doors are the worst for coming out of adjustment once that has happened stop trying to force it to lock get it sorted ASAP it will cost less in the long run.
  • Do not keep forcing a UPVC handle up to lock it, you should be able to just lift it, if not adjustments are all that is needed usually! 

Lost Your Keys to a UPVC Door

A MLA locksmith will be able to:

  • Gain entry to your property
  • Change the lock cylinder

When changing the lock cylinder then we recommend

  • Upgrading the cylinder to a SS312 Diamond approved cylinder to protect from lock snapping
  • Making sure the new cylinders meet insurance requirements
  • Have your cylinders keyed alike ( one key to work all locks )
  • Consider upgrading the multipoint locking system on the door to help improve security

Changing/Replacing Locks

You may need to change and fit new door locks if you have recently moved into a new home or business, replacing the locks is a specialist area and there could be a number of reasons why you need a new lock fitting.   A locksmith will be able to help out with the following:

  • Changing and Fitting a new lock
  • Upgrading locks for insurance reasons
  • Lost the keys to the lock
  • Replacing the lock if it is damaged or faulty


Losing your keys to a UPVC Window

A locksmith will be able to provide a new key.   If doing this why not check all your vulnerable have locks such as those on the ground floor and those on upper floors next to flat roofs.

All MLA Approved Companies have been vetted, are regularly inspected and employ a locksmith with an exam based qualification to ensure you get the highest level of service.

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