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If you need a large safe moving, relocating from one premises to another or even disposal of a security safe then a MLA licensed locksmith offering safe services maybe be able to help.

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Reason for Moving a Safe

  • Relocation of a safe from one location to another
  • Just a simple moving of a safe from one room to another within the same building
  • Disposal of a unwanted safe


Most Common Types Of Safes That Need Moving / Relocation

Safes and cabinet comes in all types of size that most people will not have the equipment move, so a specialised locksmith will be able to move a large Yale, Chubb Safes or Burton Safe.

  • Underfloor Safes ( very rare that these are moved )
  • Freestanding Safes
  • Cash Deposit Safes
  • Fire Proof Cabinets
  • Gun Safes


Methods of Moving a Safe

There will be various methods that a safe engineer will be able to use to move a safe.  Remember some safes are very large and heavy so specialist equipment ( stair climbers, specialist trolleys, cranes ) will be needed to enable the safe to be moved.

  • Move safes up and down stairs
  • In and out of windows
  • Up and down lift shafts


Our conclusion is if you need a safe moving, relocating or just disposing always use a MLA approved Locksmith who specialises in Safe Engineering.

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